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Before the Second World War, Vienna ( Wien )stood side by side with Paris and London in importance, beauty, and power, thanks to its status as a major transit point between Western and Eastern Europe. The rich and elite of Europe vacationed here while the poor viewed it as an opportunity to escape their miseries. Here, artists and composers sought inspiration and revolutionaries ironed out their plans and theories. Vienna, however, has not always been considered such a romantic destination. The city found itself just a few miles from the Iron Curtain during the Cold War. Hence, trade ceased with the East, and foreigners found little reason to visit a war-torn city. However, with the sudden popularity and growth of the Eastern Jewels (Budapest, Prague, and Kraków), Vienna rediscovered its role as a gateway. In-transit tourists, as well, have rediscovered Vienna's old-world charm, often making an unexpected extended stay. There is no better time than now to visit this magnificent city. People traveling to Vienna looking for fin-de-sičcle architecture and a relaxed atmosphere will not be disappointed. Imagine a city shaped by artists and composers 150 years ago. Huge palaces seem to appear on every major street corner, and the sky is pierced with towering church steeples. The buildings along the Ringstrasse seem to offer a bit of every European building style, from the medieval Rathaus, Gothic Stephensdom, to the Greco-Roman parliament building.
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